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Why Instagram?

Factor that makes Instagram more profitable for freelance business owners is the REACH.

Since launching its advertising features, Facebook has diminished organic reach and is basically a pay-to-play platform.

Instagram is the opposite.

The recent algorithm changes have made it harder to reach your followers, but you don’t need to throw money at the app to get your posts seen.
In fact, it’s possible to promote your product and services without spending a time.

Instagram is the most important platform to grow for your business in 2019.

Over one billion active users.

With over one billion active users, the platform is a staple for many successful businesses.


Businesses and publications are building their communities with branded hashtags, which make it easier for these brands to connect with their users. More than 70,000 images use the hashtag #jcrewalways, which gives J. Crew a huge catalog of images to choose from when sharing user-generated content. Fans of the brand can also browse this collection to see how other Instagrammers are styling their preppy pieces.

It is quite motivating to read about success stories and accomplishments that other entrepreneurs have achieved; however, true inspiration is becoming the success story people read about. The key to success is taking the first step. Invest in yourself.